Understand The Southern Alps Better With These Fine Reading Resources

The Southern Alps are so vast that it is difficult to find one resource that discusses them exhaustively. This site has made a good attempt at that. However, the search for the content you find here has revealed an exciting trove of reading resources.

There is a lot to learn in the Alps Museums and even more from online and offline reading resources. Here are some helpful resources that you can easily access.

Trip Advisor Website

This site does not go very deep into details about culture and geography, but it gives an excellent overview of the entire ranges. It identifies and rates the best places to stay and sites to visit. Their lists are updated regularly. They give helpful tips like price and menu comparisons.

Science Direct

If you are interested in more than just the panoramic views of the beautiful ranges, Science Direct takes you a level deeper. It has interesting information about how the ranges were formed and what to expect from them in the future. Will they erupt? Is the introduced wildlife going to survive? Are there any more gold deposits that you could collect as a visitor? The site covers all these questions and more.


Britannica features stories from people who have either visited or lived within the Alps. The stories are by tourists, hoteliers, prospectors or native dwellers. While most of the articles are subjective opinions, they make for interesting reading. The writers’ views will convince you to tour the mountains if you have not already decided to go.

New Zealand Tourism

For official figures and reports, the New Zealand Tourism Board communicates through, among others, the govt.nz website. This official website is a vital resource when you are looking for travel guidelines and requirements. Its relevance is even more significant in this time when Coronavirus outbreaks could spark changes in restrictions at any time. The site also offers advice on documentation and safety measures that you should observe during your trip.

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